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Edge Out Cooperative is the organization behind Random Art. EdgeOut is a Brighton based cooperative also known for their work with innovative low cost housing solutions. The organization has been involved with several pop-up spaces and has gradually evolved into what it is today, with a clear creative focus on supporting bright local talent.

“The purpose with Random Art is quite clear and they are much needed indeed. Brighton galleries that have established themselves as high-end art galleries rarely feature local artists. The upshot of that is the very strong open house movement in the area as artists have been forced to take matters into their own hands. But the strong open house movement is not a viable substitute for an art market worth its name. What Random Art does goes beyond providing spaces for exhibiting work, the team helps artists find the right balance without compromising their careers. They help with ideas, talent development, pricing, guidance, and loads more”. Iva Troj

The range of different styles meeting at Edge Out is very broad, and has led to the latest venture, which is the pop-up gallery Random Art, in the Imperial Arcade opposite Churchill Squire Shopping Centre. The name suits the venture very well. The team has provided collaborative spaces for the works of Brighton street art collective Beasty Toys, Cassette Lord, Rod Clarke, ZZ Twenty Two, Archie Ram, Funky Red Dog, Stevie Unknown, Dino Robotic, also the designer Alex Jacunska and many others.


Web page: ivatroj.com / Portfolio: Saatchi Art /

Hi-Fructose Magazine: “Iva Troj’s paintings break the mold of Renaissance style beauty”.
“Though Iva Troj’s paintings share the sensibility and feminine grace present in Renaissance era art, her work is informed by her modern point of view. Growing up in the outskirts of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the now UK-based artist was faced early on with male dominance in a communist country. She often expresses admiration for women artists like Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi, whose mere existence was seen as problematic, while men at the time were painting women to look like dolls.”
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Contemporary Art Excellence Artist of The Year 2016 and 2013 Towry Best of East England Award Winner, Iva Troj seamlessly incorporates her vast experience of traditional painting techniques with postmodern elements to create engaging Renaissance-style works that challenge the notion of societal conformity.

Knowledge of traditional art techniques were first inspired by the necessity to fit within Cold War aesthetics of social realism. Alongside this, however, lay an acute perception of the reality existent beneath external structures:

Troj has long been inspired by Japanese art and culture – traditional and contemporary – evident in the strange characters and icons which populate her landscapes alongside nude renaissance figures. It would be straightforward to assimilate Troj’s work with some sort of allegory. However, the artist is open in expressing the danger in utilizing this as a tool that is often too culture specific. Instead by breaking up classical motifs, Iva Troj introduces parallel stories in a postmodern shift, binding the inescapably contemporary with revived histories.

“My grandmother used to talk about ”Wabi-sabi”. I asked her what it was and she told me a story about a lion tamer. Beauty is ”imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” she said. I am not sure how I came to find the clues to Japanese culture. She never talked about China or Japan, “intimacy”, or appreciation of the ”ingenuous integrity of natural objects”. That was not how she spoke. Instead of using fancy words she showed me things and explained their beauty to me. Her house and her garden were full of evidence of beautiful imperfection.”


Web page: victoriagugenheim.com

Dubbed “The Walking Resistance”, Victoria Gugenheim is a world award winning bodypainter with a passion for science, renaissance and high fantasy art and culture. Her aesthetic merges seamlessly alongside fine art titan Iva Troj’s  to create a new, subverted take on what it means to be other in a world dominated by norms that seek to take away outsider power.

She shares  a joint passion with Iva; The role of strong and independent women in their work, and also seeks to take on subversive and queer components in a high art context, challenging the aesthetic norms of art, which adds an essential outsider component.

Gugenheim is a revoltionary pushing the boundaries of the craft, integrating it with fine art, fantasy,high fashion, fact and fortitude. With a world first in 3D UV Bodypainting and a plethora of brands she’s worked with including,  Stylo International, London Fashion Week, Nokia, Sony, Channel 4, Kensington Roof Gardens, Cirque Le Soir, Disney, PINK Austria, PINK London, The Red Paintings, PRIDE, The World Bodypainting Association, The World Bodypainting Festival, The Olympics, Robosteel,  London’s Architectural Association, 1033 events, Cafe Des Paris, Marvel and prestigious music names from Charlotte Church and Crossfaith to Alice Cooper’s Halloween night of fear and beyond, she’s built a brand that’s unique, groundbreaking and never afraid to take risks.

Loving science, she is also an art and science advocate and has lectured for The Ancestor’s Trail which is sponsored by The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, bodypainted Lawrence Krauss, author of A Universe from Nothing and The Physics of Star Trek and co star of The Unbelievers and has painted multiple scientists; her artwork for cancer charities being both aesthetically beautiful, and scientifically accurate.

Her makeup has graced the big screen and cult film alike, with her makeup tutoring on Guardians of the Galaxy using innovative techniques the industry had never seen, garnering 2-3 hours off of the application time for literally hundreds of characters. Her work has also seen her paint alongside Kryolan for PINK London, raising breast cancer awareness amidst London’t finest celebrities.


Web page: mysa.space

Mysa is the artist name of an Ecuadorian street artist who has chosen to be anonymous for the most part of her career mainly for political reasons. Mysa has contributed to the Contemporary Beast exhibit with many ideas, sketches and drawings. This show would have been missing loads of magic without her and we thank her for her courage!



Web page: studio45bn1.com

With their roots and soul based firmly in the creative heart of Brighton, Studio 45 is a bright, spacious and friendly gallery and exhibition space dedicated to promoting and supporting local artists, designers & makers. The founder of Studio 45 Steve Manser-Knight has contributed to the Contemporary Beast exhibit with many ideas and valuable support.

Studio 45 aims to have a varied and interesting array of work for sale from both established and upcoming artists. It is often hard for an artist to get a foot in the door and have their work put on show and available for purchase. The gallery holds regular mentor sessions and workshops as well as student showcases and competitions. There are more than 60 artists currently shown at the gallery.