Gugenheim @ Contemporary Beast

By IvaBeast, June 30, 2016

Dubbed “The Walking Resistance”, Victoria Gugenheim is a world award winning bodypainter with a passion for science, renaissance and high fantasy art and culture. Her aesthetic merges seamlessly alongside fine art titan Iva Troj’s  to create a new, subverted take on what it means to be other in a world dominated by norms that seek to take away outsider power.

She shares  a joint passion with Iva; The role of strong and independent women in their work, and also seeks to take on subversive and queer components in a high art context, challenging the aesthetic norms of art, which adds an essential outsider component.

Gugenheim is a revoltionary pushing the boundaries of the craft, integrating it with fine art, fantasy,high fashion, fact and fortitude. With a world first in 3D UV Bodypainting and a plethora of brands she’s worked with including,  Stylo International, London Fashion Week, Nokia, Sony, Channel 4, Kensington Roof Gardens, Cirque Le Soir, Disney, PINK Austria, PINK London, The Red Paintings, PRIDE, The World Bodypainting Association, The World Bodypainting Festival, The Olympics, Robosteel,  London’s Architectural Association, 1033 events, Cafe Des Paris, Marvel and prestigious music names from Charlotte Church and Crossfaith to Alice Cooper’s Halloween night of fear and beyond, she’s built a brand that’s unique, groundbreaking and never afraid to take risks.